The Library

I assume you will find the relevant Wikipedia articles yourself, but here are some additional resources Ifind useful. From time to time I will add more links. Note that some of the following articles are not available as open access papers in these cases, look out for a library that provides the belonging journals. Or find another way.


GIF and Other File Specifications


GIFs and Film Studies / Pre-Cinéma


Emotions and self expression in GIFs


GIF users behaviour / appropriation / Memes


Technical Aspects / Hacking GIF files


Other Research Papers


Media Coverage (just a few articles that contain more than just general information)


GIF Archives


Literature (Yes, printed stuff. Support your local library:)

  • Baumgärtel, Tilman (2015): “Schleifen. Zur Geschichte und Ästhetik des Loops”, Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin. [German; focusses on audio loops!]
  • Koman, Richard (1996): “GIF Animation Studio. Animating Your Web Site“, O’Reilly, Sebastopol (California).
  • Murray, James D.; VanRyper, William (1994): “Encyclopedia of Graphic File Formats“, O’Reilly, Sebastopol (California).
  • Perez (2013): “Gif Fics and the Rebloggable Canon of SuperWhoLock”, In: Booth (ed.): “Doctor Who”, Bristol; Chicago: Intellect Books.
  • Berns, Jörg Jochen (Ed., 2005): “Daumenkino. The Flip Book Show”, Snoeck, Köln. [German]

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