about this blog


This blog is about GIFs.

I see GIFs as a cultural phenomenon and think it will be interesting to spend some thoughts on it. Along with GIFs, other web animation formats such as APNG, WEBM and others will also be the topic of the articles.

Many of the articles will be based on my research about animated GIFs. Furthermore there will be notes, links and maybe other stuff about everything that has to do with Web Animations and the culture that is and was emerging around them.

Please note: I will try to publish some articles in both English and German, but in most of the cases there may be only one version due to laziness:)

License and Citation:
Creative Commons License
If not noted otherwise, all texts are under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The same goes for media content, if it is not marked as foreign content, e.g. by providing its source. If you wish to refer to or use content from this site, please note metagif.wordpress.com as the source.


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