about me

I started researching on GIFs around 2012 at university in Germany, where I was enrolled for media studies. During several study projects I inspected different aspects of GIF culture and decided to publish some of them on this blog. Meanwhile, most of the content here stems from research I did in my leisure time.

I mainly focus on GIF’s cultural history, their function as communication media, the emergence of several GIF genres and the comparison between different animated image formats (on the web and mechanical ones).

Also, I try to document the current development of GIF culture with monthly link lists (since the end of 2014) and hope to provide a good starting point for other GIF researchers with this ”library“ of notable GIF resources, which I update from time to time. Additions and remarks are always welcome.


If you are a scholar, student or journalist and also are into GIFs, please do contact me. I am always curious to hear and read about other studies about and different approaches to the topic of GIFs. And, of course, if you have questions, remarks or additions to my texts, feel free to write me.


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