fyi [links, jan 2017]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

It has become quiet around here and I apologise for that. But during the last weeks we really didn’t have many GIF news, so this time there is only a short link list:

As announced on this blog, there was a GIF conference in Bologna in the end of November. You can find video recordings of some of the presentations on this site. I hope to find the time to write reviews for some talks that are not available as recordings.

Peeqo is a personal desktop robotic assistant who expresses himself through GIFs.“ There is also a gallery that documents the engineering process. [Thanks to Timo for the link]

The Democratic Party Needs to Stop Using Reaction Gifs“ – A short comment that focusses on meme use by the US democrats, but can actually be seen as a more general advice for any large institution or company: Garnishing their posts on social media with GIFs isn’t necessarily a good idea, just because it’s trendy or all the other users are doing it.

This paper introduces a novel approach for generating GIFs called Synchronized Deep Recurrent Attentive Writer (Sync-DRAW).“


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