fyi [links, sep 2016]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

Checking Patriarchy and Dogma Through the Art of the GIF

I am astonished that, from time to time, there are still articles about the pronunciation debate that are worth linking to, because they add a new aspect. In this case we find some socio-linguistic and media-theoretical background, which makes us wonder we we even bother.

When reading about the Olympic games and GIFs during August, it probably wasn’t about short clips of the athletes, but rather about the fact that the IOC has forbidden to publish content from the event in form of GIFs or similar animations for its media partners.
Here you can see how people on Twitter reacted to that restriction. And here we have two commentaries on that issue, one from a PR perspective and another from the viewer perspective.

While the IOC seems to see only negative sides of GIFs, other praise them as marketing tools. Here is an analysis of the economic value of GIFs for marketing business innovation buzzword buzzword blah asdbhb qwebkh profit! … Jokes aside – this article is merely one example of how GIFs and other web animations are seen as a tool for strategic communications/PR. We’ve seen this for years now and it’s increasing, of course. So I thought a quick reminder like this would be nice to keep in mind that our cultural goods are open to everyone, even if this might turn out to be annoying.

You might know /r/behindthegifs, but I wasn’t aware of the web comic „Behind the GIFs“ by Andy C. Stuart. And I thought I could put some more amusing stuff into this link list, not only rants about GIFs being taken over by companies and so on :)

Gfycat has a short note about their GIF URL naming conventions that, in one case, even turned into a GIF-naming recursion.

Why not tell the history of GIFs as a fairy tale? Kenyatta Cheese did that, as you can watch here or read here.


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