fyi [links, mar 2016]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

First we have an interview with Olia Lialina, who is one of the earliest GIF artists, about current web art development and her project to preserve GeoCities pages. In a sidenote she states, that she is ”not an animated GIF model anymore but a PNG model.“

Giphy founder Alex Chung held a presentation at SXSW (audio recording at Soundcloud). I try to hold back my criticism, but amongst only a few interesting ideas and viewpoints, I think most of his statements are either biased historical views or an exaggerated praise of GIF’s future. That’s something I also criticised about Adam Leibson’s (Giphy COO) statements earlier. The story they tell basically goes like that: GIFs are awsome, but just ”now“ they have gained ”real“ popularity and the Giphy guys actually see GIFs as the universial communication medium in the future. Guess that happens when you run a business focussed on GIFs and have to sell a product. At least that comes along with a huge variety of GIF applications and support for many artists. I just wish they could do that without presenting GIFs as the saviour of communication and without the absolutist demand that Giphy will be the one dominating GIF entity.

Also at SXSW, there was a discussion about sports events coverage on Twitter. They talk a little about GIFs here and there, but I think the key aspect was mentioned during the Q&A towards the end: Sports league officials started to realise that GIFs are very effective in spreading enthusiasm about sports. But handling copyright very restrictive, as those leages tend to do, only restrain this positive, community-driven effect.

And at last: I decided that I want a place to collect some GIFs that I make from time to time and present some from elsewhere on the web. You can find it at


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