fyi [links, nov 2015]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

The GIF Bite Election – An analysis of Hillary Clintons facial expressions that appear to be very GIFable.

The Wire asks “Are We Approaching Peak GIF?”. Long story short: No:) But nonetheless, this text gives a good summary of things that are changing in GIF culture.

The article links to this lovely old rant about the GIF hype 2012 : “GIFs Infiltrate Advertising in Relentless March Toward Total Domination of All Communication” – Actually, in hindsight, it feels more like advertising infiltrates GIFs.

Oh, hey: Just another new image format with animation support , called BPG.

The Washington Post tells us that ”GIFs are for everybody now”. Weeeell – I think that it’s too simplified. The article argues, that Boomerang (Instagram) lowers the threshold for GIF creation so far that “now” anybody can do it. I have a déjà-vu – haven’t there been applications before that, which promised this simplification?
“But until recently, it seemed that would-be GIF […] had to choose between relatively complicated programs that took time to learn and required several steps, or in-browser GIF-making sites that were easy to use but added an ugly obvious watermark, advertising that the GIF was made by an amateur.”
Ok, but even if so, let’s be careful with the “from now on”, which implies that the situation totally changed with only this one tool. It’s rather more like: Making GIFs has become easier and easier, step by step. Boring statement? Yes. But maybe the better one.

As described on this entry on the FBI’s website, a GIF was one part of evidence against a person who has been “arrested for soliciting the murder of members of the U.S. military”. Interestingly, the GIF that is described there doesn’t work like the kind of GIF that is common nowadays, but rather like a slide show: “The file then loops several dozen photographs, purportedly of U.S. military personnel, along with their respective name, address and military branch.”

Two articles (both from August) about the issue that GIFs and Vines of sports events are not only extremely popular on the web, but are also pissing of the league officials. BBC about posting goal videos of the British Premier League online and about GIFs and Vines of the Bundesliga (second article in German).

German TV Station “RTL II” tries to bring a GIF-lookalike optic into their programme by using clips that make use of GIF paradigms (stop-motion effect and repetitions) or videos of GIFs (!) as video separators between advertisement and shows.

And to bring this link list to a joyful ending: GIF Loop Coder – A tool for creating geometric GIFs with a perfect loop, using JavaScript.


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