fyi [links, oct 2015]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

Currently, I am abroad for three months and my internet situation is not the best. So this time I can only provide very few links. If you saw anything interesting about animated images on the web recently, then please post a link in the comments :-)

„FLIF“ just showed up and claimed to be the best graphic format right now. I didn’t test it yet, but you can read about it here. It is also possible to create FLIF-animations and this sounds very interesting: ”Just like with static images, animated FLIF files can be decoded progressively: the entire animation can be shown (at a lower quality) before the entire file is downloaded. By contrast, a partial APNG file contains only the first frames, and the entire file has to be downloaded before the animation loop is complete.“

4chan was sold to the founder of 2channel, as moot announced last month. What does this have to do with GIFs? I don’t know… yet. It only reminds me to finally finish the blog post about my GIF/WebM at 4chan survey. Well, it includes _a lot_ of data, so it takes some time.

And finally, I present to you a handmade desktop wallpaper. It’s very rudimentary, but maybe you’ll like it. It shows an important part of code that every animated GIF contains. Those are in fact the bits that define the loop of an animated GIF, but they are actually not included in the official file specifications from 1989. Heiner Wolf wrote down the backstory of that part of code (translation here), which was included by Scott Furman from Netscape.


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