fyi [links, aug 2015]

On Repeat – How to use loops to explain anything
The article presents some thoughts about why we are fascinated by (GIF) loops and how we might use them for various purposes aside from meme culture.

A Wired article about Tumblr TV, where you can watch a stream of GIFs as if it was TV.

Don’t dismiss the GIF
How to use GIFs for data visualisation

Some guys from Harvard introduced a GIF player that works on-click and not only shows the GIF, but also links to the video source, the creator and has buttons for turning sound on/off and other options. In fact, it is an embedded video player, that also only works with JavaScript. I wouldn’t call that GIF anymore.

In preparation for the 4chan-GIF-WebM study I am still working on (yes, I know that I promised to publish it for a while now:) I found some data about GIF scoring on Reddit: in comparison with other file formats; a chronological overview since 2010; and in comparison between several Subreddits

And some videos:

The things we can’t say in selfies -– narrating the self through GPOY, reaction-GIF and ‘current status’ images” (here is part 2)
A conference presentation at the “Internet Research 15” conference, also available as a paper on

The Making-Of Insa’s GIFitti from Space


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