fyi [links, mar 2015]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

Gizmodo: The Future of GIFs Is Killing What Makes Them So Great
“We live in the age of the embed, where everything is proprietary. Media on the internet is consumed according to which service it is tied to, and only a handful of elite purveyors with the resources to make their services essential control how media is displayed.”

Here Is the Captivating Ad Format Facebook Hopes Will Wow Its Users
Garett Sloane gives an overview on how GIFs might be used as an advertising instrument on social networks, and how they already are.

And related: 5 Brands Using GIFs the Right Way on Twitter

The world’s biggest gif? Art’s biggest hype more like
Jonathan Jones (The Guardian) explains, why – in his opinion – INSA’s famous “world’s biggest GIF” is not really “true” digital art.

Even the Deutsche Welle discovered animated GIFs and promtly produced a nice little feature about GIF Artist Erdal Inci. shows a kind of “battle” between GIF and WebM. Uhm… well, I just stumbled upon it.

Episode 12 of the Say Uncle Frank podcast contains an interview with “Zombie Prophet” (@zprophet_MMA) about producing sports GIFs. The audio quality is not the best, but okay if you’re really interested:). The interview itself starts shortly after the 18 minutes mark.

The current issue of Wired Germany published an article about selling digital art: “Ich kaufe ein GIF“. It’s not only about GIFs, but presents a nice overview on how artists make mony with digtal art projects. The article is in German and can be reached here. However, it’s only accessible for subscribers, but it seems to be open if you get to the page via a search engine (just search for “Ich kaufe ein GIF Wired”.

And another German article: “Wackel, wackel!” on takes a look on the GIF-oriented style of music videos. This, of course, reminds of the analysis of this very phenomenon by the PBS idea channel.


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