fyi [links, feb 2015]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

Hell just froze over: moot, the creator of 4chan, retired after almost 12 years on January 21. Shortly after that (since January 31), WebMs are now supported with sound on 4chan’s boards, which makes their use on 4chan less comparable to GIF usage, but may be more appealing to users of the /gif/ board. Btw, I’ll update my stastistics about GIF vs. WebM on 4chan soon.
The thread linked above will vanish sooner or later, so here is a screenshot. The first comments are a good summary of all further reactions.

In Gumship Podcast episode 26 the guys behind Mr. GIF talk about their own GIF career and some ancient web stories. Including GeoCities and Dragon Ball Z.

The GIF tournament #3 on Reddit just started! There are only a few days left to enter the tournament!

The award for the most effort and expense spent for a GIF goes to: Insa. It’s not the most recent breaking news, I admit. But the fact that everyone else on the web mentioned it already doesn’t hinder me from posting it again.

Flipping out over handheld movies
Collectors Weekly presents a well illustrated story about one of GIF’s ancestors: flip books.

We all know the progress bar is no more. Nowadays the web is full of spinning preloaders – because there is no end of loading! So, what would be the most appropriate way to illustrate this never ending loading process? Well, GIFs, of course. No surprise. Just a nice little web tool to create your own little GIF (or APNG) preloader.

GIF Aktuell
This one is in German. Sebastian Pertsch had an idea for animated news on twitter. Instead of only using tweets for linking to their articles, news websites could use a GIF with only a few frames, that each stand still for several seconds, for presenting headlines along with some illustration. He already tried it out here – but not regularly. And if you ask me, all that news websites care about instead is to link to their own sites… But it’s an interesting idea anyways.


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