fyi [links, jan 2015]

Some more or less recent stuff, focussed on GIFs. Or other web animations. Or something else loosely connected to that.

‘JIF’ Is the Format. ‘GIF’ Is the Culture. A modest proposal
I wanted to post this link for a longer time now, but somehow forgot to do so. Be ready now for an interesting solution for the GIF/JIFF dispute!

Using WEBP/JPEG 2000/JPEG-XR/APNG Now With Picturefill and Modernizr
“More Image Formats? Why Should I Bother?” The image file formats named above are compared not only in terms of animation, but nonetheless you can get a good impression on the current state of how browsers handle with alternative image formats. The author promises more to come. I recommend to read the comments, too.

XNG: GIFs, but better, and also magical
In this post from summer 2014 the author presents “XNG” as an animated PNG alternative. To be honest: I don’t understand all the details of it but of course wanted to have it in my link list.

Oh look, there is a vote on whether APNG should be supported by future Internet Explorer versions. Also available for WebP.

Heiner Wolf about the very first animated GIF
After having a chat with Heiner Wolf at 31C3, he promised to write his story of the discovery of GIF animation in 1995. I’m very glad to read about this historic event from someone who was highly involved in it. I’m working on an English translation of the text.

Emotionale Loops – Über Gifs
Here we have a short essay that reflects on the MIT’s GIFGIF project and the reception of GIFs in general. In German.

Ok, The last link leads to a japanese page. So I don’t understand a word. The online translation tool of your choice may help al little. But as far as I understand it from the illustrations, it is a comparison between different APNG compression methods and the GIF/LZW compression. And it comes with an animated cartoon elephant. I couldn’t imagine a better way of demonstration:)

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