The GIF-Library


One of the things I realised very quikly while writing my thesis was: There is no literature about GIFs. At least there wasn’t, back in 2012. Of course there are books with an overview on graphic file formats or even design guides for GIF animation. Furthermore there are many books about older animated images (Zoetrope, Mutoscope, Flip Books and so on – which was an important part of my thesis). And, of course, all the tons of media coverage about the 25th anniversary of the file format. But apart from that I had the very nice feeling of being the very first one to write a paper about GIFs from the media studies perspective.

I was able to keep this feeling for some months but in the end I am now very happy to see that there are also some others who started at about the same time as I did to examine this cultural phenomenon. Accordingly, nowadays one can find several papers on certain aspects of the GIF culture. Unfortunately, many of them are hidden in journals or can only be found with very specific search terms.

However, I put quite some effort in looking for GIF research papers or other resources. That’s why I would like to share this list of links. You can find it on this blog on the page “The Library“. Right now it is a rather short list, but it’s only the beginning. If you know any other good articles, papers, studies or other resources, I would be glad if you send me a link.

And now, have fun reading!


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